Today I finished day 15 of an intense workout known around the world simply as "Insanity".  It has been extremely difficult.  There have been days I wanted to give up, or at least skip the workout for the day.  There have been many times I could not keep up with the video, and had to pause it to catch my breath.  Almost every day I get a sharp pain or "stitch" in my right side that stays with me for several minutes.  But I have stuck with the program.  I am one quarter of the way through Insanity, and I must say I am proud of myself.
     On the very first day of insanity the workout consists of what is known as a "Fit Test"; there are 8 exercises you have to perform and are given a certain amount of time to do as many as you possibly can.  Every 15 days you retake the test and chart your strength and endurance progress.  Out of the 8 exercises, I improved on 7, and was dead even on one.  The fit test is a good gauge of which muscle groups you need more work on.  Some exercises I was able to do a lot more of, some only a few, but overall I saw an increase of about 15% in the last two weeks.
     Many people use the 15 day, 30 day, 45day,and 60 day benchmark to weigh themselves or measure their waist.  I have chosen not to do so, for two main reasons.  First, I don't want to be disappointed or discouraged if I don't meet my goal.  I understand that setting goals helps in the short range for most people.  However, I am not most people.  If I set a goal to lose...say 3 pounds this week and only lose 2, or worse yet lose nothing, I will become extremely discouraged and am more apt to give up or at least slack off.  My goal is to work as hard as I can every day; to make my rest periods shorter and shorter, and be able to keep up more with the people in the video.
     The second reason I am not tracking my weight or size is that weight loss does not always happen right away.  I have done a reasonable amount of research reading Beachbody (the company that makes Insanity) blogs and massage boards.  I have found that while some people lose significant weight early on, many people do not see measurable success until around week 6.  I read countless message board posts in which people were frustrated because they had been doing insanity for a full month and had not lost a pound.  So in light of these two factors I think it would be better to just be satisfied with the fact that I am not really getting sore anymore like I did in the beginning, and I improved my endurance by roughly 15%.  When I reach day 30 and the halfway mark, I may consider measuring my waist, because I did weigh and measure myself on day 1.  If you are thinking about trying Insanity or have any further questions, feel free to message me or leave a comment!
     So today I started a new guessed it, Insanity.  Touted as the world's most difficult video work out series, an out of shape guy like me has NO business taking on such a monumental endeavor.  Not more than 2 months ago, I started a similar program called "Supreme 90 Day" which is actually a knockoff of Insanity's sister workout. P90X.  I made it about 10 days into the 90 days before I jumped ship.  It was not because I could not handle it, but it was because I simply "did not have time".  In my defense it was an insanely bust week, and I should have waited until after that week to start.  After I quit, I never looked back.
     So why I am now taking on the hardest workout known to man as a 36 year old who has never been in shape in his life?  Honestly I don't know.  Part of it is friends whom I have seen benefit from the program.  Part of it is I hate the fact that I can't bend down to tie my shoes from a sitting position because my bis belly gets in the way.  Part of it is I know that I am in bad health and I need to do something while I still can.
   So after my first workout, which is actually just a fit test, I felt like I was going to vomit for about 30 minutes.  My head was pounding.  There were a few exercises that I just simply could not do, so I had to modify them.  All in all, I like the program and really hope I can stick with it.  This program is a 60 day program.  i will report back here every 15 days to update any progress.   
     My biggest concern is that there will be several exercises that I simply will not be able to do, at all.  For example, for several different reasons I can not do push ups; I physically can't do them.  OK maybe 2 "real" pushups and maybe 5 or 6 "girl" pushups.  Part of the reason is I am tall, 6'6".  If you know anything about physics as it pertains to exercise, the longer the limbs, the harder to do the same exercise.  Couple that with the fact that my wingspan is actually about 6'8", it is very hard for me.  The nail in the coffin is that I have a slight physical defect such that my sternum is slightly concave, a condition known as pectus excavatum.  Not nearly as bad as some of the images you may google, but enough to make what little pectoral muscle I have work overtime to accomplish very little.
     Nevertheless, I shall push on.  I will press on.  I will dream the impossible dream, I will fight the unbeatable foe, and go where the brave dare not go...into Insanity.