I recently heard a sermon about how comfortable Christians have become. We don't want to take the effort to go out and share the Gospel. Why is that? We know that Jesus expressly commands us several times in the Gospels and the book of Acts. We know that if a person dies without Christ, they will spend eternity separated from God. And yet many of us are comfortable in our nice little Christian bubble. Why is that? What should we do about it? Leave your comments and share your insights and opinions on this very important topic.


You know how true that really is, and it is a sad condition we find our church in. I believe it stems from two specific things...there may be many more...first, for a long time now,,the Church has been catering to every soul that they can get through their doors, no matter what condition they are in, and then tells the other members tho be "tolerant" and love them"in their sin" where God teaches us to love then OUT of their sin. This is a HUGE problem, and why some churches still believe the Bible, where it reaches us tho separate ourselves from those who are not living a Godly life.
This is where the comfort problem is most hardy, as even the older and stronger Christians cannot fight properly this younger mentality that is more worried about quantity, than the quality and more specifically, the INTEGRITY of GODS church.

Then we have the follow up issue, that this "new christian" sought comfort by joining the church, and since the church did not require any real change, he now wants to continue being "comfortable "IN" the world, so rather than telling his friends about JESUS he parties, and carries on with the rest of the world, until (if he happens to make it) Sunday rolls around. Just look at the way lent is celebrated...huge carnivals around the world that promote acting like a total pagan, doing every despicable act, then wash it all away in a single "act" of going before the priest.

This stuff, all done by those who will not even mention God for fear of persecution. But tell me, when WAS the last true Christian persecution in the good ol' U.S. of A? Try going to China...the main nation that sells us...well...pretty much everything...especially all the Christmas trees, and decorations...it drives me crazy. Would GOD condone buying sacred items of worship from the local PAGAN down the street, just to save a buck...sorry...just a sore spot with me

Well, that is my two dollars worth...


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